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The Best-In-Class Handheld Cordless Air Blown Microfibre Installation Gun, For Fibre To The Home/Premises

Designed with the Drop Fibre installer in mind, the F.I.G. is a lightweight, battery-powered compact blowing gun that features an innovative and simple to use ‘no-crush’ fibre loading mechanism that prevents cable damage and wastage - in addition to saving the fibre installer valuable set up time. It is optimised to deploy reeled ballistic microfibre up to 2.0 mm diameter into 5 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm microducts over distances up to 2000 m.*

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This ergonomic pistol-shaped installation gun has a unique anti-buckle feature to prevent fibre damage whilst blowing. It provides extremely efficient air delivery performance, allowing it to be used with a small air compressor producing ≥80  L./min. (2.8 CFM) at 10 bar. 
Its ‘cruise control’ technology enables hands-free operation.
The LCD screen on the top of the F.I.G. displays speed, distance, pushing force and battery life.

Adjustable push control and interchangeable adaptor plates enable the F.I.G. to be quickly and easily adapted to operate on different microfibre sizes and microducts.

The F.I.G. is available with optional extra tripod and harness accessories for both overhead and underground applications.

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  • Fibre Cable Diameter: Up to 2.0 mm

  • Microduct Diameter: 5, 7, 8 mm outside diameter

  • Blowing Distance: Up to 2000 metres (*depending on cable type, duct integrity and route)

  • Blowing Speed: Up to 100 m/min (*depending on type of cable type, duct integrity and route)

  • Pressure & Airflow: For optimum performance a portable air compressor producing ≥80 L/min (2.8 CFM) at 10 bar is recommended

  • Dimensions: 400 x 350 x 90 mm (with fibre reel holder and battery pack fitted)

  • Weight: 1.8 kg (with fibre reel holder and battery pack fitted)​

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• Pushing force and speed are both easily adjustable

• Innovative simple to use microfibre cable loading mechanism prevents the microfibre from being damaged or       crushed during cable loading

• Active anti-buckle and ‘no-crush’ sensing device prevents damage to the microfibre during install 

• LCD screen displays speed, distance, pushing force and battery life

• Microduct outside diameters 5, 7, 8 mm can be blown into using interchangeable gaskets

• Quick-change adaptor plates enable operation on different size microducts in seconds

• Quick-release microfibre reel dispenser post

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• 2 x Bosch 12 V 2 Ah Lithium Ion batteries and 1 x 220/240 V battery charger
• 1.2 mm adaptor plate set (for 1.1mm fibre cable) including gasket set for 5mm/8mm microducts
• Tough, impact-resistant, weatherproof case
• Water separator, replacement drive wheel, o-rings and gaskets
• Threaded anchor point for use with optional tripod mount or optional harness attachment

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Optional Accessories & Spare Parts

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